Tuesday Nights Gaming Back on

We are back on and running Board Games Nights @VatandFiddle Pub, Queensbridge Rd, Nottingham. By the Train station.

Gaming from 18:30pm, first time free.


We have an official NAME !!!

Still, formed from a disparate, or is that desperate, bunch of unashamed geeks nerds and nerdowells…..we are independent of any company, game or genre. we seek like-minded/open-minded gamers from all walks of life.

This is an open gaming night where you can drop in, bring and play or look to make use of for your own organised play, any tabletop games that appeal to you, and while a small games club and  an eclectic range of gamer we are also part of something more and that is a lot bigger, Monday Night Battles our sister group for our Tabletop miniature gaming nights with games like Gaslands and Burrows and Badgers.

And we are also part of ProjectTHISNG. An innovative and Tabletop Hub space and provide other services like video game play, product playtesting, etc..




Latest Games Played

Long Play Sundays

Interested in playing for longer, got a Board game that takes several hours, then we may have solutions for you.

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Friday Night Historical’s

Kill Team Games – Play Here

We have Tables and regular Games @ HobbySpotz Store


Deadzone Games

Interested in Deadzone we have fanatics here!