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October 14 - 06:00 pm


December 16 - 11:30 pm

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Nottingham Board and Wargames Club



126 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 1EH

Nottingham, England, GB, NG1 1EH

While we are busy making & painting stuff for the club & our many games and activities, there is still much model making work & scenic

Thursday Night Hobby Hangouts

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This is a weekly tabletop gaming hobby night

While we are busy making and painting stuff for the club and our many games and activities, there is still much model making work and scenic work to be done but we aim to have fun and learn new skills such as card modelling, painting and scenery work as we go from each other.

where club members can bring their own projects and paints, tools and stock, or make use of ours to engage with those projects that have sat there or need to be finished, or just need to get on but find those side distractions like the TV and other matters in the home draw you away then this is a great opportunity to pop down and enjoy the hobby and social aspect of this space and hobby night.

And part of the ProjectTHISNG non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of all aspects of tabletop gaming, miniature gaming, painting, terrain making, scale modelling, etc. We are a diverse group of people who are all united by a common hobby. We take our modelling fun seriously, but we always try to keep things light and have some fun, while listening to podcasts about gaming.

We cover a full spectrum of , terrain makers, writers, gamers, newbies, and experienced hands, from tabletop gamers and miniature painters to scale modellers and model makers or crafters. We are also people who enjoy what we do and are happy to expand our knowledge base and help others. we enjoy sharing the hobby with fellow modellers.

We meet every Thursday night at the club House (Hobbyspotz Gaming and Tabletop Modular space) part of ProjectTHISNG)We have an active group with a range of modelling experience from beginner to old pros. Everyone is welcome no matter their skill level or modelling preferences. So if you like to talk gaming, modelling and don’t mind some light-hearted dark humour then you will fit right in.

The space has access to full facilities and a kitchenette; (Tea and coffee we ask for a donation, or snacks via the tuck shop, or bring your own, phone a take away, etc.) otherwise a free to pop down night. The space has a range of tools, paints and other gaming materials, like brushes, lights, airbrush gear, spray space, modelling tools, tables and large spaces, etc. We also have video equipment is you want to record your projects. The space also includes internet access.

Note We are always looking for any donations of scenery, models, terrain bits or any other useful items that people may wish to give to the club and allow others a chance to expand their model making skills..


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