If you have a game in development that you’d like to playtest, or you’d love to play some unpublished games with a welcoming crowd, join us at Hobbyspotz for an evening of playtesting. Bring your game ideas and prototypes along ready to try out.

We’ll meet from 6:00pm onwards. Whether you’re a game developer or playtester, we’d love to meet you and play some games together. Everyone is welcome!

It is just £3 to come and play. There will also be plenty of free tea and coffee for everyone.

Welcome to Playtest UK!

A friendly group of board/card game designers and playtesters.
The gamers get to try new game prototypes and maybe get a playtesting credit.
The designers gain valuable feedback to help them develop their games further.

We organise our groups on

This is open to to new game devs, old hands and those who wish to try their game out and have fun.

Hobby Spotz is located @ 126 Lower parliament St, Nottingham. NG1 1EH

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Q – What is Playtest UK?
A – Playtest UK is a friendly group of board/card game designers and playtesters that meet regularly in London, Cambridge, Newcastle, Brighton, Cardiff, Leeds, Enfield, Bath, Norwich, Edinburgh & Reading. 

Q – Who can join?
A – Membership is open to everyone. Some members are established games designers, others are starting out or might be working on their first design. Others just come to play games in a friendly atmosphere. We are a community, where everyone has something to gain and to offer.

Registration for the Playtest Zone at the UK Games Expo 2022 is now open.
This event is for designers, who would like members of the gaming public to sit down and playtest their prototype, so that they can make improvements. It runs during the day from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th June 2022. 
Playtest UK volunteers will be available on the day to support you and feedback forms will be available. All playtesters will be entered into a prize draw to win games.

Registration for Playtest Zone @ UKGE2022 is now open

This event is assisted in conjunction with and