The Club operates a number of events and Activities.



Ok The Nottingham Board and Wargames Club has made the decision based on medical and government advice to cancel the clubs events for the next few weeks in order to keep people safe.

Many of the clubs members have health issues, disabilities or act as career for those that do. Therefore we need to consider them and keep people safe..

We will be back and you can chat to us and each other online, and through our social media accounts. here.

Nottingham Board and Tabletop Gaming Nights


How to find us: a Calendar of our events

The Club operates out of several venues in and around the Centre of Nottingham to find out which one we are at then please Join the FB Group

Or See/Click Below on our quick Calendar Guide
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Tuesday Boardgaming Nights

Tuesday Night Board and Wargames Club is the regular haunt of the Nottingham Gaming group and hosts an eclectic mix of gamers, and we run for gamers. Tuesday from 6:30pm till 11pm. We either own or play a huge  diversity of games, no just boardgames, though we do play a lot of those; but also card, skirmish and wargames, including Guild Ball, Cockroach Poker, King is Dead, X-Wing, Bolt Action, Blood Bowl (Inc Local leagues) and plenty of boardgames. First time visit to our Tuesday Gaming is free.

For more about Tuesday Night Gaming click here or the Image.

Thursday Night Hobby Hangouts

This is a weekly tabletop gaming hobby night


While we are busy making and painting stuff for the club and our many games and activities, there is still much model making work and scenic work to be done but we aim to have fun and learn new skills such as card modelling, painting and scenery work as we all learn from each other. It also sees us developing new skills and just getting those projects done that never quiet get finished.



Tabletop Sunday gaming

Sunday Gaming

Sunday gaming event if you and/or friends fancy popping down and play, try or engage in gaming,

We are very excited to announce that The Nottingham Board and Wargames Club will be teaming up with local venues in Nottingham, on the Third Sunday of the Month to bring more tabletop


Following events if enough interest will be the Third Sunday of the Month.

This is very much a free to play event and a more friendly social and gaming event which allows people to enjoy gaming in a family friendly environment outside of our normal gaming in the pub.

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Monday Night Battles

Monday Night Battles

Hosting a night of miniature gaming, this is started as a night where we pushed miniature based games like Gaslands, Shadespire, Necromunda, Warhammer, Deadzone, Mars Attacks, X-Wing Etc. We also teamed up with H-Bar games who are also running Card game tournaments.

To really confuse matters this is not just a Monday Night, what originally started as a Monday Night Miniature Gaming has spawned, a concept, where we can organise and set up miniature wargame and skirmish level games any time of the week, allowing for the extra time and space needed for bigger games.


Well, this is the time to enjoy something new, looking forward to trying something new or just getting back into tabletop gaming, well …Bring some games lets get rolling …

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Specialsxwing main poster

Specials are exactly that, they are events where we run often a single game type event such as X-Wing Nights, where we see X-Wing players try army lists, compete against other players and their lists. The same goes with #Shadespire, Necromunda Nights, Burrows and Badgers games, or Bolt Action Sundays.

If we have enough of an Interest in one offs and specialist games then we will run with it.


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