Specials are what we consider one offs and unique events that embody the best of the games club and are either a day or evening event, one that embraces the gameand the fun sociall apsect of gaming ina  firendly open atmosphere. So what you can look forward to:

Organized Play exists to help you explore more of those possibilities. By supporting a wide range of events and gaming experiences,  our previous organised play saw an X-Wing night. Our players found it helped with new and varied army lists, find more games, meet more players, explore more gaming opportunities.

xwing main poster

We have also seen organized Tournament play and a team up with H-Bar Gaming, a local Card Games Organiser and ProjectTHISNG, which saw over 50 players testing their skills at a Yugioh. It allowed players to test their skills, bothin card play and skill, with the usual inter game friendlies.

Bolt Action Sunday Gaming provides opportunities for new army lists, innovative play styles and historical thematic squads for custom events and play styles. with the new army lists and rules from Warlord Games and complete innovative new challenges.

When you play in our Special Events and Organized Play, you’ll become part of the larger gaming community and engage in something that helps cross all social and political and the sexual orientation. We aim to see people having fun and enjoying themselves.

And last, but not least…

There is also the Opportunity to learn about HobbySpotz and ProjectTHISNG, with our Hobby Space and Community Space. We also have ties to the local gamijg community and those who run it from makers to designers and artists and writers.