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The games Club is a fairly eclectic place and so this is the reflected in what we play and the players that game here.

The club contains a varied sort of gamer and games, we are not the usual gaming club preferring to engage in all aspects of the gaming life and enjoy all manor of games.

BGG What we Played Last Week

Games from previous Nights

Always a great night and a good laugh with great gamers.

On our wishlist

Games we Own.

While these are a few of the games either the club owns (Around 47 Board Games) or that are currently popular they are not the only ones and as active gamers we are always interested in what others play, are evangelistic about and feel others would like to play. It’s also about offering gamers a chance to mix and socialise with others of a similar mind and instead of going around a friends house you all come to us and expand your social circles in Nottinghamshire.

We are also interested in Gaming news and what others are up to as it all helps to create a greater social cohesion.

The Club has in the past hosted several games specific and style events and is always looking to engage more with the Nottinghamshire & Beyond gaming community as a whole in order to get more gamers gaming, so if there is a set game you’d like to help organise like an X-Wing Night, or a Euro Gamers evening Or Blood Bowl Tournament then get in touch with us.

If you’re interested in helping the Club stretch our reach a little further would be interested in handing out one of our posters or putting one up in your local FLAG Store then please click on one of the links .JPG or the PDF Version,

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