Kore Thinking, which scored Kickstarter successes with its first 3D vehicle miniature ‘The Kore Aeronautics LARC; a VTOL for 32mm Sci-Fi Wargaming’, has headed back to the crowdfunding site with a new project to bring high-quality Miniatures to the Gaming table. Using innovative Marketing, superb 3d sculpting and 21st Century tech! Kore Automotive has Launched its second Kickstarter aiming squarely at the Wargame market with a range of Cars are modelled in 32mm scale and fit beautifully with a range of Tabletop and Wargames miniatures.

Tabletop Cars - 32mm -- Kicktraq MiniKore Projects aim is to provide the funding for the production of SUV, Saloon Car, 4×4 Pickup, Classic Taxi, Muscle car,  through a Kickstarter campaign that has currently  (at time of writing) attracted £2,156 pledged of £500 goal with 8 days to go.  Blasting past what Kore was initially, looking for £500 to enable them to begin production of the first of our Kickstarter Vehicles the Family Saloon car!

3d Master Print of SaloonThe difference with this Kickstarter is that Kore has some of the 3D printed Masters for the initial designs which means that initial production is already along its path and Kore can make alterations. A spokesperson for Kore was quoted as saying that, ‘The Masters are already with us, and we are delighted with the quality – the following photos don’t show the wheels or wing mirrors, as we only have 1 set of Masters to use and don’t want to go gluing them in until after we have lifted Moulds from them.

Saloon Car 3d RenderOne has to say from the initial look the cars do not seem to pack much detail, however, what they do show that the product is exactly what you would expect and that is a 32mm scale vehicle and with enough detail to make it useable. One rather suspects that with the inundation of overworked 3d models out there one gets used to thinking in those terms rather than appreciating that this is exactly what the model should look like and that it is in a scale that works for gamers on the table.

So the Pledges and what you get.

Well, the Kickstarter has funded four designs funded, it so one should look at the pledges and what Kore are offering.

Pledge levels
We are keeping this Kickstarter as simple as possible! (This is a smart move as it keeps the project simple and allows those not familiar with Kickstarter an easy understanding, (However that is another bugbear and argument.Ed))
There are 3 Pledge levels;
1st Gear Pledge Level1st Gear Pledge Level
For the 1st Gear Pledge Level you can select any 1 Vehicle of your choice from all that we fund!
2nd Gear Pledge Level2nd Gear Pledge Level
For the 2nd Gear Pledge Level you can select any 2 Vehicles of your choice from all that we fund!
Top Gear Pledge LevelTop Gear Pledge Level

The pledge options also allow Pledges of expanding – you can pledge for as many Vehicles as you like, at any quantity and variation you like.  Simply add +£10 per design you want after the first 3.
I.e. you’d like 2 x Saloons and 2 x SUV’s, simply take the £30 Pledge and add +£10.  Do you want 6 x Luxury 4×4’s? Select the £30 pledge and add +£30, and so forth.

3D Printing

As you can see from the picture of the SUV and the pipework that goes into its creation, 3D printing is not something that is easy to set up and get into mass production, the models require extra work cleaning up after printing with the post-production, cutting, grinding, sanding and smoothing out before anyone can even think of creating masters from resin or other production means. Yet the company has taken this into account and are keeping this project manageable.

Thoughts and Scale Creep

While there are many Sci-Fi models to go with the 28-32mm figures, they have a tendency to be expensive and the selection is limited, and yet, however, dinky or toy cars are made in a variety of scales and as many a gamer has seen can be bought cheaply. The problem is that a 28mm/32mm figure is not a correct model scale of a person, however, many modern figures have an odd proportion, with an extra bulk and larger head size. A 1:60 scale is correct or near enough for a 28mm miniature, yet as discussed it looks odd. 1:43, after all, looks right but is not quite correct, and even though the height scale might be correct on the table, they look odd.

The biggest issue with most models with regards tabletop gaming is that with scale creep and variance in model sizes vehicles usually do not fit properly or look disproportionate, however from the scale picture to the left you can see that these really do fit in regards most models and for anyone running skirmish level modern warfare or post-apocalyptic games at 28-32mm then these vehicles are going to fit very nicely.

So what can we see with this particular Kickstarter, well while one will admit this is not Nottingham, though just a little outside and was asked as one of the Games Club Members is backing and mentioned that it would be worth taking a look. Well, I can see a lot of people taking a serious look at the project as the prices and options are very tempting. The range of vehicles is also reasonable and cover the widest range of options for such a small number of options. The taxi is very cool and could fit into many games Inc. Pulp action and Sci-fi, while the Pick-up truck can easily be found in games of ‘The Walking Dead’ or modern skirmish games like Middle Eastern wars, or Post-apocalyptic games. The muscle cars could work nicely for a more street racing style of game or just lined up as scenery along a road.

This is a Kickstarter that is both practical and useful, of use rather than a vanity project.


N-Fx Game Design Studios pushes out newline of Terrain for Gates of Antares



N-Fx Game Design Studios A division of N-FX designing and manufacturing, have started what seems to be an interesting and possible exciting new line for both |Warlord Games popular sci-fi game Gates of Antares and branching out towards products for the miniature and war game industry. Crystals.

Scale: 28mm
Made to Order

While many in the core design industry may know of N-Fx, they are still a small entity in regards a wider knowledge of the gaming industry, however it is looking like that is about to change with an interesting new release Resin Crystals. However what makes these a particularly good resource is that they have a round base allowing them to be placed into a standard skirmishing mdf base hole allowing terrain to be placed anywhere on a board in more interesting ways.

Requires Assembly

Each set contains 4 different crystals that are between 25mm and 35mm tall. They are designed to fit on a 20mm or larger base, and can be used to create exciting terrain features or unique basing elements for larger models.

They are of cause available from the N-Fx Webstore, and through Warlord Games Store and really  do allow the casual gamer to put some bling on the table and with a little create and thought, including a few small flashing led’s placed under the crystals really could make it a blinging table

This is a fun line and could see the company really moving places in the future so one to watch.