Wednesday Night Skirmish

Wednesday Nights are aimed at our club members who are looking at either getting back into gaming and have time constraints or and cannot play those big games.

Wednesday Night Skirmish Gaming Nottingham

However when many players think of skirmish games, they often still think of Games Workshops giant Warhammer armies fighting on an 8′ by 6′ impressively detailed, full of expensive terrain battlefield. But as amazing as those figures look, it takes a lot of time and effort to get there. If you are looking to dip your toes into the skirmish genre (and you should, it’s a lot of fun), there are actually quite a few entry level games to start with. These are games that let you assemble teams and build armies without asking you to go all in on a “lifestyle game.” And to help you get started, we put together a quick, 10-question quiz to assist you in finding the right game to match your interest.

Deadzone Board
Deadzone Board

Skirmish games are miniature tabletop wargames on a smaller scale, often with between 5 and 20 models per player

Our Wednesday Night gaming is a opportunity to grab some miniature Gaming in but not as a massive time sink. We have a great bunch of peeps who pop down and just do their thing. One popular choice is Deadzone a Mantic Games Skirmish and we looking forward to this Years Tournament.

We see regular games of Armada, Kill Team, and are always looking at new Skirmish level games like TTCombats Carnevale

So where are we gaming tonight. We are at HobbySpotz, see sidebar for the location.

So is that it? No we are a regular participant of the local NAF for the BloodBowl scenes as well The Warhammer World Bloodbowl Scene.

So interested in Infinity, Malifaux, Flames of War then come and chat to us.