While we are part of ProjectTHISNG and the we also as part of the Nottingham Board & Wargames Club also run events and playtest games for companies and designers at times, we also work with and are part of the Playtest UK groups whom help facilitate playtesting for developing and experienced game designers.

So this is currently a Monthly Weet on a Monday Nights and certainly a great oportunity to expand both your game ideas and playtest new ones.

We realize that playtesting is one of the more crucial aspects of game development and testing which helps you the designers understand where your players perspective lies. we also understand that Predicting players and how they play your game and read the rules varies with ever players experience. Player enjoyment and experience plays a huge role in player retention, and this is where playtesting comes in handy.

We can help with.

  • Gross Playtesting: Test the most basic running model of the game, help you look out for the basic faults in the gameplay.
  • Private (NDA) Playtesting: Carried out by contracted play testers. To find more glitches in gameplay and formulate the game for broader testing.
  • Blind Testing: A group of testers whith  no prior experience of the game tests it during blind testing.
  • Final Playtesting: it is the last phase of playtesting, and is done before the game launch. This playtesting version is close to the final version of the game.

We have players who can help you and your game.