About Us, Getting to know us.

The Nottingham Board and Wargames club is a tabletop gaming club based in or around the Centre of Nottingham. It was created by Matt Anderson and Gary Powell in order to encourage more gamers in the ‘Lead Belt’ to forgo the normal isolated style of gaming and be much more inclusive.

While many people happily game at a friends or colleagues home they decided that gaming was more than just moving pieces around the table it was about having fun, socialising and learning about other great games out there by gamers impassioned over the game’s they play.

And its about drinking beer.

Board Game Geek

If you have or are on BGG then you can get in touch with us and check out our Guild there. We tend to be more active on FB but we do keep a presence on other mediums.



How to find us: a Calendar of our events

The Club operates out of several venues in and around the Centre of Nottingham to find out which one we are at then please Join the FB Group Or See/Click Below.

This is for those who want to show interest and not sure if can make it. It is also part of our future-proofing the site as we also run more organised Tournament systems and events. You do not have to buy a ‘Free’ Club Night ticket feel free just to pop down and socialise or game

Sponsor and Parent Links

The Nottingham Board and Wargames Club is part of a much larger organisation, that of ProjectTHISNG, the club aspect represents the gaming aspect of the organisational Umbrella.

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