Be the first to bury all your treasure on your Island. Other pirates can help or hinder you in a cooperative and sneaky game of piracy


A Provocative entry from a new Nottingham Gaming Company to a promising Kickstarter, however sadly it failed to gather enough interest. 
So, taking a slice of details from, the Kickstarter;

About the Game


 Whats In the Box?

Box Contents Box Contents


  • Along with a Copy of the Rules,
  • High Seas Piratesincludes
  • 90 Cards
  • Over 250 Tokens.
  • Player Cards
  • Boards

all custom drawn by our artist, Justin Wyatt. Justin is a Professional Artist who is an experienced illustrator and has his name on many books and this is his second Game.


Each Player is a Pirate, aiming to Bury Treasure on their Island. To do this, you choose an Action secretly each turn and starting with the Fastest Pirate Reveal your action. Depending on your action other pirates may help you or hinder you, and you may find yourself attacked especially if your ship is laden down with treasure
The Tokens

Tokens Tokens

On Your Ship, you have a number of tokens that represent Crew, Sails, Cannon, Your Captain, and Treasure. Sails make you faster, cannons make you stronger. The crew can act as Sails or Cannons, alternatively, they can be used to board other ships on the seas. Treasure is what the game is all about. The first player to 10 Treasure buried on their Island Wins


Action CardsThere are 6 Actions in High Seas Pirates. Through playing these actions each pirate is trying to steal the most treasure, protect their ship, attack others, and hopefully bury their treasure on their island before other pirates can steal it from them.

Action Cards

The Game

The High Seas Deck

The High Seas Deck consists of a number of cards, some Events, some ships.

High Seas Deck Event Card High Seas Deck Event Card

Ships can be attacked, and their treasure was taken. They can then be sailed to the port and sold as a prize for extra treasure. Any ship not attacked stays on the High Seas for other Pirates to attack, and as this is open water others may help for a share of the treasure.

Barque Barque

Going First is Important, and the Fastest Ship each turn (with the most sails) Receives the first Player marker and gets to perform their action first, however they must choose their action first the next round.
Going First may be important, but not always a good thing.

Many a Pirate has been caught out for being too bold.


Well, one will inject some thoughts here, High seas Pirates is one has to say a fun game, and, one knows the publishers so has some interest in how this goes. The Kickstarter showed promise but quickly platoed However what will happen now.?The Fundrasing Progress shows a lot really sudden spike of interest and suddenly nothing, which prompted a obvious

The tactical play in High Seas Pirates makes it fun for all ages, and the game plays fantastically well for just two people as well as the maximum of six.

With thanks

NOTTINGHAM BOARD & WARGAMES CLUB We have an official NAME !!! Still, formed from a disparate, or is that desperate, bunch of unashamed geeks nerds and nerdowells.....we are independent of any company, game or genre. we seek like minded/ open minded gamers from all walks of life. This is an open gaming night where you can drop in, bring and play or look to make use of for your own organised play, any tabletop games that appeal to you.


We have an official NAME !!! Still, formed from a disparate, or is that desperate, bunch of unashamed geeks nerds and nerdowells…..we are independent of any company, game or genre. we seek like minded/ open minded gamers from all walks of life. This is an open gaming night where you can drop in, bring and play or look to make use of for your own organised play, any tabletop games that appeal to you.

Games Workshops classic Realms of Chaos ‘Slaves to darkness’ to be re-printed and released

One is aware one does not usually do GW partly out of the fact they have a massive PR engine and usually what one catches is in a private concept, journalism arguments aside. However, this one came via other sources so running with it. (please don’t sue)

See image of RoC SD bottom left

Games Workshop it seems is again moving in interesting times and the new CEO is certainly showing that the company can be moved both forward in new and dynamic ways, yet still keep an emotional hand in the past and never more so that with the surprise reprint of the classic Rogue Trader WH40k, yet it seems that this was just the start and in what is expected to be very exciting news will soon join it the ever darkly exquisitely written Realms of Chaos ‘Slave to darkness.’ The book that brought Chaos to the minds of impressionable 80’s teenagers and to be thought of as a game changer in how tabletop gaming could be away from the historical crowds. It less set the stage and more set the stage on fire in being one of a pair of books that grognards now everywhere felt were the most interesting books that GW ever produced. (And bemoaning the sudden price drop and value of their copies, .Ed)

Slaves to Darkness featured extensive detailed descriptions of the gods Khorne and Slaanesh, complete with a pantheon of their Daemons, rules and background for including these in tabletop battles as demonic armies. It also started to encourage people to not just buy an army but make it your own, to buy other miniatures so you could take them apart and create custom conversions, and provide what was many a teenagers life for many moons the basic idea of Chaos warbands and build your own adventures and backgrounds with them.

Realm of Chaos ‘Slaves to Darkness’

It also introduced the Imperium’s Daemonhunters of the Ordo Malleus and their associated Space Marine chapter – the Grey Knights. The book provided a nice balance in what it offered.

The volume is also notable for its having a solid coherant narriative foundation for the Horus Heresy, an event which while mentioned in Rogue Trader was as then more of a background flavour to the epic galaxy-spanning battles taking place. RoC explained what that flavour was, it locked the Horus Heresy firmly into the midns of the gamers and established the role of Chaos and the demon influence in the GW40k – SF universe

And provides the link between the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 worlds; which is explicitly stated in the first pages of the book.

‘It also features rules on the creation of Chaos Champions and their warbands, Daemon weapons, demonic possession and the Horus Heresy of WH40K. To give a flavour of the background and attributes of followers of Chaos it contained material such as a list of over 120 “Chaos Attributes” – mutations that the followers of Chaos were often afflicted by. This included some mutations that were advantageous, such as those that made the mutant extra strong or taller and those that confer a disadvantage, such as ones that made the mutant small, weak or stupid. Other mutations were purely cosmetic, such as giving the mutant brightly coloured skin or eyes on stalks, whilst some mutations were clearly comical, such as one that gave the mutant a silly walk (possibly inspired by the Monty Python sketch The Ministry of Silly Walks) and even a mutation that bestowed the “gift” of uncontrollable flatulence.’ Quote Wikipedia 

written by Rick Priestley, Bryan Ansell,‎ Mike Brunton,‎ Simon Forrest, who were already venerable figures in the gaming industry and GW. They were harmonists who took the art of writing by deftly mixing humour with horror as they tackled the big questions of Galaxy spanning concepts and battles, factions and wars, and lay down the groundwork for what is now a major part of many peoples lives. What the writers brought was an analytical mind, combined with raw creativity and a collection of artists with keen aesthetic insights and an ability to understand the writers’ analytical minds and transcribe them into art that was both raw and somehow right for the book.

It is good to see such older works being released and providing a newer generation with a taste of what was a mind altering experience for those dark and early days of gaming, and one can only hope that they continue with the release of Realms of Chaos – ‘Lost and the Dammed.’

Mantic Games Sets sights on New game with to Launch Hellboy Board Game


So Mantic has finally announced its new project with James Hewitt of Needy Cat Games and Partners Dark Horse Comics, which will see the The Hellboy Universe is Coming to the Board Game Scene after a licensing partnership deal.

Dark Horse is excited to work with Mantic Games on a game set in Mike Mignola’s inspirational Hellboy comic book universe.,” said Dark Horse Comics’ Chief Business Development Officer Nick McWhorter. “Mantic is not only a leader in the Miniatures Board Game category, but also have a thorough understanding of Hellboy and the BPRD storylines and how to integrate them into a game. We’re confident they can deliver a board game that fans of Hellboy and miniatures games alike can appreciate!”

The game is set to make its Kickstarter debut in April 2018; The Hellboy board game will be a cooperative play experience where players face off against some of the comic’s most iconic foes, and feature stunning, pre-assembled plastic (Same as with Walking Dead) miniatures that accurately capture the style and feel of Mike Mignola’s comic series. And allow up to four people take control of iconic BRPD members, such as Hellboy, Abe Sapien and Roger the Homunculus, before exploring gothic locations and uncovering ancient artefacts. However with it being Kickstarter the Characters of the Comics  Abraham Sapien, Elizabeth Sherman, Roger, Trevor Bruttenholm, Thomas Manning, and Kate Corrigan will no doubt be available with each stretch goals along with all the various monsters and boards to make this an interesting and fun game. 1500x1500_51308d83846bd6ad61f93884db8f8daa7a00174c19d282ffc7013a8f
“Hellboy has a great cast of characters, diverse locations and legendary monsters from the pages of folklore and myth,” said Ronnie Renton, Mantic CEO. “The comics provide a fantastic foundation on which to build an immersive, fun and fast-paced co-operative board game that will let players experience some of their favourite moments from the series.”Interesting in the recent output from both mantic and Dark Horse was the ‘The Hellboy board game will be a cooperative play experience where players face off against some of the comic’s most iconic foes.’ That statement and Mantic recent success with both the Walking Dead and Star Saga, would suggest that this game could be something of a hybrid maybe taking the best aspects of the games and bringing a more board game dungeon- esq crawler to the market while engaging in the search and investigation aspects of the Stories.

A well-meaning half-demon whose true name is Anung Un Rama (Translation: “and upon his brow is set a crown of flame”), Hellboy was summoned from Hell to Earth as a baby on October 5th by Nazi occultists. He was discovered by the Allied Forces; amongst them, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, who formed the United States Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence (B.P.R.D.). In time, Hellboy grew to be a large, red-skinned adult with a tail, horns which he cuts off, leaving behind circular stumps on his forehead, cloven hooves for feet, and an oversized right hand made of stone “Right Hand of Doom”. He has been described as smelling of dry-roasted peanuts. Although gruff, he shows none of the malevolence thought to be intrinsic to classical demons, and has an darlky comic and ironic sense of humour. This is said to be because of his upbringing under Professor Bruttenholm, who raised him as a normal boy. Hellboy works for the B.P.R.D, an international non-governmental agency, and for himself against dark forces including Nazis and witches, in a series of tales that have their roots in folklore, pulp magazines, vintage adventure, Lovecraftian horror and horror fiction. In earlier stories, he is identified as the “World’s Greatest Paranormal Investigator.”

It also makes for a good fit for both Dark Horse following Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, publisher Dark Horse Comics lost the Star Wars license after two decades, which was then given to Disney’s Marvel Entertainment, becoming one of the publisher’s most successful franchises. So no doubt they are looking to expand their existing lines with new revenue and tie a board game in with the new film release, ‘Neil Marshall’s forthcoming Hellboy film is currently in pre-production, starring David Harbour, Sasha Lane, Ian McShane, Penelope Mitchell, and Milla Jovovich.’ While in the last nine years since its inception, Mantic Games has released several complete tabletop gaming systems including Kings of War®, DeadZone®, Mars Attacks® and DreadBall™. The Mantic team’s obsession for making detailed miniatures, simple yet challenging games has seen Mantic become a global presence in the tabletop gaming arena. Mantic Games has developed very strong relationship with its community, and crowd funding has raised extra development money for recent product launches, which in turn has developed bigger ranges in plastics for the retail launch. And to date, backers have pledged over $5m to fund new projects come to life, making Mantic one of Europe’s most funded companies on Kickstarter. Mantic has sales offices in the USA and UK, supplies 20 countries, has a complete design studio team, a global supply chain with production facilities based in Nottingham, England.

Hellboy™ © Mike Mignola.

River Horse does Highlander

 It seems that new the year is not over for some and certainly the work load as River Horse has announced plans (apart from rumours over an Arthurian game .Ed) to produce a new board game after obtaining the license for the movie Highlander.

The company has released few details about Highlander:  The Board Game,
other than announcing that it is set in the same universe as the 1986 film staring
Christopher Lambert
, the new board game In Highlander, The Board Game, utilises an interesting concept of utilising the Immortals ability through certain circumstances like Connor is a strong choice for
the early portions of the game. His high influence (owing to his
charming personality) allows him to find the allies he needs to keep his
unique ability in use. Connor is the immortal that most relies on his
allies, his friends, and when he loses them he can harness his pain into
a weapon that can be used against his enemies.

Excerpt from River Horse Facebook page

“The first character available for play in Highlander, The Board Game is Connor MacLeod, of the clan MacLeod. 

Born in 1518 in the village of Glenfinnan, on the shores of Loch Shiel,
Connor MacLeod grew to manhood in the rolling highlands of Scotland. As a
youngster, he was headstrong and impetuous, a known rascal and thiever
of sheep. Kept from the worst of trouble by his kinsman, Dougal, Connor
was a favourite of his uncle, the Clan Chief, Angus MacLeod. Here, he
learned to wield a claymore and temper his rougher edges. A few
skirmishes with cattle reivers and rival clans (especially the MacLeod’s
longtime rivals, Clan Fraser) saw Connor acquit himself well enough to
gain a reputation as a courageous warrior. A handsome man, he had no
shortage of interested women, and he married his childhood sweetheart,
Kate, at the village Wishing Stone.”
River Horse Games has announced they plan both to produce the new licensed board game based upon the classic action movie Highlander through the crowd funding website ‘Kickstarter’ with a campaign to fund in January 2018.
Highlander the Boardgame Kickstarter Jan 12th 2018
Of cause River Horse is certainly no stranger to developing and creating board games and games based upon iconic films, with its successful Labyrinth:  The Board Game recently spawning a new expansion and the release The Dark Crystal a game based on Jim Hensons classic film and graphic novels of the same name. So exciting times ahead in 2018, as their can be only one.
Sky Relics: Fleet Action navel 1:2400 scale skirmish game, now on Kickstarter
Ok while I am aware this is a blog about local Lead Belt news, however one of the illustrators is from the leadbelt and assists with the running of the games club that we are affiliated with so I will cover it. It also highlights how companies and gaming companies are now more multi world lead rather than just a couple of local guys, yet how the gaming community embraces local and world in the same approach.

Sky Relics: Fleet Action

Sky Relics: Fleet Core

Sky relics is a Battlefleet game, where players command fleets of Iron Hulks to do battle in the skies for their Nation or for glory.”

’20th November 2017, Today Sky Relics LLC Announces the release of a new Fleet Action skirmish level game at 1:2400 Scale Sky Ships set in the Mysterious World of Targus.’

This new release from Sky Relics builds upon the history and knowledge of the previous systems and experience, to develop this new and exciting 1:2400 scale navel skyship game. Players begin by placing relevant numbers of highly detailed resin skyships called Sky Relics in place, and through clever manoeuvres and dice rolls attempt to fulfil the objectives of the game or kill their opponents, to determine success or failure.
“We’re incredibly excited to be bringing Sky Relic Games’ best previous game properties to life in this amazing new venture,” said Derek Heath in a press release podcast. “Sky Relics really is made up of very creative types who love tabletop miniature wargames, roleplay games and board games and we are striving to create games that capture the best aspects of all the gaming media to both entertain and develop the game with our fans and backers.”


The skirmish rules are designed to be simple to learn but pack hidden layers of complexity and teach new players while allowing more experienced one’s opportunities to develop winning strategies through careful manoeuvres and placement strategies. The aim, A high tech fantasy dice game where you Build your fleet and rise up to defeat your enemies in this 2-5 player miniature board game based in the world of Targus. Playing the Game Players take on the role of Ship captains, using the ancient Artefact magic’s and technology to control your air ships Ships are represented by highly detailed resin miniatures Each turn players plan their moves and organise their ships in the order they wish to play them. Tactics and Strategy cards to enhance your Sky Ship, sabotage your opponents and change the direction of the game Variety of Play: includes skirmish battles and an adventure mode to consistently update and expand your captain’s story.

Why buy the game??? A combination of card and Miniature driven mechanics with a streamlined combat system Exposes a game theme to a broad range of people & play styles Easy to set up, take down and store. Just stuff back in box Part of an expanding system, which will evolve over time
Sky Relics – Fleet Action is a 2+ player game, for ages 13 an older and takes approximately 45-90 Minutes to play, and the box set includes;

Components 14 Skyships: Large Resin Miniature Figurines Inc,

3: Corvos Corvettes,
2: Xiphos Frigates,
1: Saber Destroyer,
1: Longsword Cruiser,
3: War winds Corvettes,
2: War Iron Frigates,
1: War Datru Destroyer,
1: Axler Cruiser
28 Ship Cards
30 mods crew cards
2 captain cards Two movement templates
Dice 8d10’s 12d6’s.
2d8 Rule Book 11″x8.5″ 6 hex titles with printed backs for total 12 types

Who are Sky Relics

Derek is in charge of the business operations for the company, and is the primary designer of the game’s look and feel as well as a lot of the rules. Matt has been assisting with areas like graphic design, writing and aspects of the social media and web aspects of the company. For this new and invigorated version, both these two have had a hand in providing the stunning artwork, assisted in rules and operation by Michael Prefontaine, Jose Luis San Sanchez Castro and Dennis Seiffert. Sky Relics LLC is an independent developer and publisher, established over 5 years ago, and have self-published game rules, produced high-quality resin cast miniatures and printable material. Visit us at below:
Press Release packs and information are available here: Press Pack & Images or 


Ok firstly I appreciate I have been tardy one has not posted, reason is a host of family emergencies, dad V’s gin which saw him in hospital, mum ill, helping to run a kickstarter, own ll health, design work and painting commissions, as well as assisting in running a Games Club in Nottingham, designing t-shirts and websites for them, etc.
SO I am in on this and trying to catch up so please bear with us.

F86b1478498906175c3d2b418c06a694 original

Over the last year, the Figure Sculpting Company Diehard Miniatures behind smash Kickstarter campaigns  Diehard: Fantasy Miniatures, and The Eru-Kin Expansion, encompassing both Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures; With small skirmish units to a full armies it seems are teasing something new and exciting with its latest project. The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to launch this month.Infernals, concept art Chris Walton.
Diehard has been teasing something interesting with their latest Kickstarter, as it hints at some very old school looking but modern styling miniatures.

Now one must be honest, when one first heard about Diehard Miniatures one assumed it was another attempt to cash in on the Oldhammer Movement, as the Mission Statement

Oldhammer Reborn

Our aim is to give the highest quality 28mm Scale Sculpts with more than a nod to the past.
We have gathered a team of oldhammer Veterans to create  an exciting and nostalgic range of figures that merge the old feel with the new look.
With your help we can bring miniatures back to its roots.


stated. However, with a little bit of research, it became clear that this campaign was never going to be that and why the ongoing project is potentially at its heart what the Oldhammer Movement is about, yet pushing boundaries. Here’s why.

Despite having an unfortunate and awkward initialisation that saw Diehard Miniatures Cancel its first Project, after asking for a £35,000 goal, however it became quickly apparent that this was never going to be achieved. So they dropped the Initial project and re-Launched with a smaller request and more focused approach. It also saw that the company took time as to how it approached its campaign and this showed that Tim Prow and others were interested in what they produced, the core ethic and product rather than the bottom line and a potential jump in produce a product, grab cash and drop out again. The product its self is also one that shows the sheer craft and dedication to what they are producing with an ever growing range of dynamic and superbly sculpted miniatures that pack both cool poses and dynamic range. Kickstarter and the Internet is awash with vanity projects, half-assed sculpts and peoples latest get quick rich scheme that offers poorly or worse overworked 3D sculpted miniatures, but these they have a life and show that the time spent sculpting over the years have put the Diehard miniature Sculptures at the top of their craft and it shows.

Well the latest campaign is about to begin and this is what they have on offer;

Undead Chaos Snakeman, concept art Chris Walton.
Undead Snakemen
For those not following us on Facebook or Twitter we have announced our Undead Rising Kickstarter, launching next  Tuesday 10th  October 2017. We are following the same format as our first two KS (why fix Whats not broken!), we do however have something new! Diehard will be adding original concept art to three of the pledge levels, so if you are interested in buying some awesome art get in early as there will only 3 pieces up for grabs!!
  We are also repeating the prize draw competition of a half price order and a completely free one!! All you need do is place your pledge of £30+ or £60+ respectively before the 20th and not let it drop below the amount before the end of the campaign, its that simple 🙂
As always we have added a few other miniatures for those interested in our other factions, and we’ve got all of Diehard Miniatures back catalogue on offer as well. If you’ve missed out on a previous KS, or just want to add to miniatures you’ve already bought, then check out the ‘Add On’ section towards the bottom of the page.
  Both our previous Kickstarters shipped on time with over half shipping slightly earlier. We anticipate the same happening again this time round as most of the sculpts are already made and master moulded. Our caster is on the ball and producing some lovely stuff 🙂
  Thank you for your continued support, and I hope to see you again for our third release!!






Warbot, concept art Chris Walton.
Sci-Fi Warbot


What makes the Company interesting is it’s absolutely stacked with top talent, Chaz Elliott and Drew Williams, and the artist is Richard Luong (most recently known for his awesome work on Cthulhu Wars). At its head is the esteemed Tim Prow, a stalwart of the Miniature industry who has seen over a decade as Sculptor and Chief figure painter for Games Workshop and over the past 20 years has been seen his talents at Center Stage Miniatures, Ral Partha, AEG : Clan War, Iron Wind Metals, Reaper, Magnificent Egos and Dark Fable Miniatures amongst others. And Diehard Miniatures has gone from a personal pet project to something that is becoming a serious miniature business competitor.

However, we are also starting to see new concept art by Chris Walton who brings a whole new fresh look to the miniature concepts and art. The concept art looks dynamic and fresh, the Infernal Sci-Fi Troops have a dynamic look and yet playful, its refreshing.
So what is the future of this project, well from the Concept art and for me a lot of pain with regards one’s Wallet being hit hard the Warbot, Infernal’s and new Undead this is looking to be a great Kickstarter and a real treat:

TP: These will be 28-30mm scale figures. All the humanoids are between 28mm to 32mm (Eru-Kin starting at 28mm and Orcs at the top end at 32mm). Next size up are the snakemen at 40mm, they are slightly larger creatures and do 40mm well. Next are the ogre-sized monsters they are roughly 50mm tall (Troglodyte, Troll, and Chaos Ogre as examples). Gnomes are 20mm, Dwarf and Goblins 25mm.